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Perfect conditions for your wine collection

Are you proud of your wine collection, do you enjoy admiring it, and do you prefer to drink your wine at the ideal temperature? Then a wine cooler or wine climate cabinet is the answer for storing, chi


lling and bringing your wine to room temperature under the best possible conditions. So you’ll be able to serve the perfect wine for every occasion. undefined

A Qlima wine climate cabinet or cooler protects your wine against external influences such as temperature fluctuations, vibrations, odours and light.


A constant temperature is an important prerequisite to ensure that your wine ages properly. Storing your wine in a cooler that has been specially designed for this purpose keeps the temperature constant. If you store your wine in an ordinary fridge, on the other hand, the door will be opened, say, 20 times a day. This affects the taste and the nose of the wine. The controls on Qlima wine climate cabinets and coolers are on the outside, so the door doesn’t have to be opened. This keeps the temperature at the optimum level.


Qlima wine coolers and climate cabinets are vibration-free.  This is an important point: any sediment present in the wine will not be disturbed, which is a good thing given that it does not do the ageing process any good. 

Ventilation and odour

Qlima wine climate cabinets and coolers have internal ventilators to ensure that the temperature is distributed evenly. A constant air supply that is passed through carbon filters also ensures that the air quality is ideal. So you have a constant, even temperature and a neutral ambient air. External odours cannot affect the wines.


Light, too, affects the quality of wine. Qlima wine climate cabinets and coolers are fitted with a glass door with a UV filter.

Wine cooler or wine climate cabinet?

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine climate cabinet? A wine cooler is suitable if you want to keep wine at the best temperature for consumption for shorter periods. It is particularly suitable for white wine and rosé. This cooler has one temperature zone.

You can store various kinds of wine (red, white and rosé) at the ideal drinking temperature in a wine climate cabinet. It has a separate zone where you can let wines age for many years under optimum conditions. The wine climate cabinet has two temperature zones, which means you can set a different temperature for each zone.

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