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Qlima has a wide range of wine coolers and climate cabinets. You have the choice between one or two temperature zones, freestanding or built in, with a storage space for 7, 51 or no fewer than 177 bottles of wine. There is bound to be a model that meets your requirements!

Compact built-in models

The Qlima collection is divided into freestanding and built-in models. The built-in wine cabinets are perfect for houses where space is more limited. If you have a small kitchen, but you’d still like to store your wine collection the best way possible and admire it too, no problem. The smallest built-in model from Qlima is BWK 1607, a wine cooler for 7 bottles of wine measuring 145 mm in width and 865 mm in height. It fits in any kitchen and adds a dash of luxury to the room!

Qlima also has two other compact built-in models for storing 18 or 51 wine bottles that are easy to build into a kitchen or another room. 

Luxurious freestanding models

The collection of Qlima freestanding wine coolers and wine climate cabinets includes no fewer than 6 designs. Wine coolers for storing 8 or 28 bottles and wine climate cabinets for storing 12, 110, 154 or an incredible 177 wine bottles. 

You don’t have enough space? Then you can choose from compact models with one or two temperature zones. Do you have plenty of space and a large wine collection? Then the two larger models with two temperature zones are certainly an asset for storing, chilling and bringing your wine to room temperature perfectly.

The right temperature, vibration-free, good ventilation, clean air and no UV radiation from the outside. All Qlima wine coolers and wine climate cabinets guarantee the best conditions for your wine collection!

Check out the collection here.

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