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Why is an ash vacuum cleaner the perfect solution for cleaning your stove?

Qlima Asstofzuiger

Heat your house cost effectively with a pellet stove or wood stove, a fire roaring in the fireplace, or barbecuing with friends, that sounds great. But cleaning the fireplace or barbecue, that’s another story. An ash vacuum cleaner offers you the ideal solution for vacuuming fine ash particles quickly and safely.


Safety is an important reason for using an ash vacuum cleaner for cleaning pellet stoves, fireplaces, wood stoves or barbecues. Normal vacuum cleaners are not designed for this cleaning job. They are not suitable for vacuuming hot materials. Pieces of ash may look as though they’ve cooled down on the outside, but they are often hot on the inside, and that can cause fires. Coals take an incredible 12 to 24 hours to cool down completely. It would only be safe to use an ordinary vacuum cleaner on these coals once this time has passed. An ash vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is designed to vacuum hot materials, so you can clean your fireplace when it suits you. Qlima ash vacuum cleaners are made of materials that rule out fire hazards, such as its suction hose made from strong, fireproof aluminium, and a flame-retardant metal collection container with a special synthetic coating.

A clean living environment

All Qlima ash vacuum cleaners are fitted with a HEPA filter; this is a special washable filter that extracts very fine dust particles out of the air emitted from the vacuum cleaner. The air that is blown out of the appliance is clean and this helps to maintain an optimum indoor climate.  This is not the case if an ordinary vacuum cleaner is used. The filters do not trap the fine dust from the ash, so it is partly blown back into the living environment. That is certainly not conducive to a healthy living environment.  Not only that, the vacuum cleaner will malfunction very quickly because the motor and the filters are simply not up for the job.


Buying an ordinary vacuum cleaner is a costly investment. An ash vacuum cleaner, however, is very affordable and offers you many more advantages when it comes to safety and ease of use. You will recoup this investment, no doubt about it!

Practically clean

A Qlima ash vacuum cleaner is compact, powerful and easy to use. The biggest ash hoover in the range has a power capacity of 1200 Watt, no less! It has a good closure and seal, so that the motor can create a good vacuum. The appliance comes with a strong handle and two swivel wheels, so it’s easy to manouevre. Unlike other brands, this Qlima ash hoover has a power lead that is an incredible 3 metres long. The ash vacuum cleaner is fitted with a handy rectangular end piece and, apart from vacuuming air in, it also blows air out, so that those hard-to-reach corners in your fireplace and barbecue can be cleaned thoroughly. The Qlima collection comprises three models.

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